380B - Brown Paper Bag,
Artists with Huge Egos380B - Brown Paper Bag,
Artists with Huge Egos, detail180B - Fry Stand180B - Fry Stand, detail370C - Walmart Employee370C - Walmart Employee, detail760F - Untitled, Seated Self-Portrait460F - Self Portrait I + II with Flannel Shirt460F - Self Portrait I + II with Flannel Shirt, detail390D - Flood Cars390D - Flood Cars, detail410C - Three Identical Men410C - Three Identical Men, detail510D - Hockney Splash490A - Flight490A - Flight, detail390B - The Peeker520F - Deep Snow400B - The Conflict400B - The Conflict, detail7002-18 Felix7002-18 Felix, detail7005-7 Portrait of 100,000 Frustrated Artists7005-7 Portrait of 100,000 Frustrated Artists, detail7003-3 So and So.7003-4 Such and Such.7003-3 So and So. + 7003-4 Such and Such.Installation View "Can't Miss Lime"Installation View "Can't Miss Lime"Installation View "Can't Miss Lime"SHAWN.HUCKINS - Eight Selected Recent PaintingsSHAWN.HUCKINS - Eight Selected Recent Paintings
Paint Chips
For availability and pricing of The Paint Chip Series, contact Art & Soul Gallery, Boulder, CO.

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In today’s abundant American culture, any material thing we could possibly ever want or need is at our fingertips. Fast food chains, convenience stores, super markets, gas stations, and department stores are ubiquitous. While the products and services we use, the clothes we wear, and the food we consume may be uniform and standardized, I find pure, simplistic beauty and exceptional intimacy in the common object and our everyday environment.

The Paint Chip Series explores color choice and its meaning in our daily lives. Mimicking the exact proportions, font, layout, and hues of miniature paint cards found at a nation-wide home improvement store, bands of color we may choose for our most intimate spaces—bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms—are an ideal stage to examine the everyday people and objects that occupy our world.


Catalog of The Paint Chip Series available. Please click on Catalog tab under Work section for more information.